Volume II, Issue 3 – Spring 2013

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Title and Table of Contents
Lights (Spring 2013) 2 (3)
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Featured Section

Remembering Farouk Abd al-Wahhab Mustafa
With selections and letters by Jose Revuelta, Kay Heikkinen, Ralph Austen, Orit Bashkin, Kevin Blankinship, Fred M. Donner, Ariela Finkelstein, Noha Forster, Rashid Khalidi, Michael Sells, and Samee Sulaiman
Lights (Spring 2013) 2 (3): 1-11
Full Text (PDF)

Main Content

Sabia Absanuddin
The Fictitious Demise of the Modern Islamic State: A Review of Wael B. Hallaq’s The Impossible State: Islam, Politics, and Modernity’s Moral Predicament
Lights (Spring 2013) 2 (3): 12-28
Full Text (PDF)

Abdulhamid Hadi Gadoua
A Metrical Study on the Muʿalqah of ʾImruʾu al-Qays and the Muʿallaqah of Zuhayr Ibn Abī Sulma
Lights (Spring 2013) 2 (3): 29-55
Full Text (PDF)

Brittany Haynes
Transforming Masculinity and Male Sexuality in Modernity from the Ottoman Empire to the Turkish Republic
Lights (Spring 2013) 2 (3): 56-83
Full Text (PDF)

Mara Steele, trans.
“Silhouettes d’Afrique” by Isabelle Eberhardt (1898)
Lights (Spring 2013) 2 (3): 84-97
Full Text (PDF)

Patrick Zemanek
The Hidden Imam’s Charisma: The Relationship between Authority and the Permissibility of Violence in Two Shi’ite Revolutionary Movements
Lights (Spring 2013) 2 (3): 98-128
Full Text (PDF)


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