Current Issue

Volume IV, Issue 2

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Title, Table of Contents, and Biographies
Lights (Spring 2015) 4 (2)
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Main Content

Annie Webster
From Mirror to Open Window: Reflections on Forugh Farrokhzad’s Poetics
Lights (Spring 2015) 4 (2): 1-7
Full Text (PDF)

Brian Watts
Iron Fists and Inked Fingers: Authoritarianism, Democracy, and Social Science Definitions in the Middle East
Lights (Spring 2015) 4 (2): 8-15
Full Text (PDF)

Hannah Ridge
Drug Reform Failure in Morocco
Lights (Spring 2015) 4 (2): 16-35
Full Text (PDF)

Akhil Shah
Future Challenges to Monarchical Rule in Saudi Arabia
Lights (Spring 2015) 4 (2): 36-41
Full Text (PDF)

Benjamin Priest
Islamic Identity and the Ka‘ba
Lights (Spring 2015) 4 (2): 42-60
Full Text (PDF)


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