Volume IV, Issue 1 – Winter 2015

Read the complete issue: PDF

Title, Table of Contents, and Biographies
Lights (Winter 2015) 4 (1)
Full Text (PDF)

Featured M.A. Thesis

Emily Mitchell
Imagining the Lebanese Nation
Lights (Winter 2015) 4 (1): 1-40
Full Text (PDF)

Main Content

Varak Ketsamanian
The Feudal Character of the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem
Lights (Winter 2015) 4 (1): 42-56
Full Text (PDF)

Joel Veldkamp
The Erasure of Chattel Slavery in Sudan — 1983-2014
Lights (Winter 2015) 4 (1): 57-74
Full Text (PDF)

Andrew Lawder
The Two Natures of the Wellsprings of Wisdom
Lights (Winter 2015) 4 (1): 76-83
Full Text (PDF)

Rachiny Samek
The Changing Role of Secularism in Turkey: Post-Islamism and Imam-Hatip Schools
Lights (Winter 2015) 4 (1): 84-93
Full Text (PDF)


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