Volume III, Issue 2 – Spring 2014

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Title, Table of Contents, Biographies and
Featured: Photo by Somayeh Chitchian
Lights (Spring 2014) 3 (2)
Full Text (PDF)

Main Content

Joshua Donovan
Reconstructing the Past for the Present and Future: Michel ‘Aflaq and Sayyid Qutb in Dialogue
Lights (Spring 2014) 3 (2): 1-13
Full Text (PDF)

Nshan Kesecker
Anointing an Empire: The North African Aristocracy’s Exploitation of the Imperial Roman Economy
Lights (Spring 2014) 3 (2): 14-23
Full Text (PDF)

Kyle Clark
The Ottoman Empire’s Use of Women’s Education in Support of Ottomanism and
Industrialization during the Tanzimat and Hamidian Eras

Lights (Spring 2014) 3 (2): 24-31
Full Text (PDF)

Hannah Ridge
Headscarves, Nationalism, and Education in Turkey and France
Lights (Spring 2014) 3 (2): 33-44
Full Text (PDF)

Sheena M. Steckl
Tawfīq al-Ḥakīm and the Production of Supranational Literature
Lights (Spring 2014) 3 (2): 45-60
Full Text (PDF)

Elizabeth Cordelia Smith
Past in Present: Animation, Comics, and the Representation of Historical Memory in Footnotes in Gaza and Waltz with Bashir
Lights (Spring 2014) 3 (2): 63-70
Full Text (PDF)


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