Volume II, Issue 2 – Winter 2013

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Title and Table of Contents
Lights (Winter 2013) 2 (2)
Full Text (PDF)

Main Content

Aamir Bashir
Muslim Views of Jews and Judaism in the Medieval Period: A Comparative Study of Ibn Ḥazm and al-Shahrastāni
Lights (Winter 2013) 2 (2): 1-19
Full Text (PDF)

Isaac Hand
Place-making and the Panorama 1453 Museum in Historical Context
Lights (Winter 2013) 2 (2): 20-27
Full Text (PDF)

Ryan Lynch
Linking Information, Creating a Legend: The Desert March of Khālid b. al-Walīd
Lights (Winter 2013) 2 (2): 28-41
Full Text (PDF)

Ari Schreiber
The Shadow of the Ancien Régime: Historical Contingencies of Informal Institutions in Post Revolution Libya and Yemen
Lights (Winter 2013) 2 (2): 42-53
Full Text (PDF)

Cameron Zargar
Orality vs. Literacy: A Preliminary Look at the ‘Conversation’ During the Early Caliphate
Lights (Winter 2013) 2 (2): 54-72
Full Text (PDF)


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