Volume II, Issue 1 – Fall 2012

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Title and Table of Contents
Lights (Fall 2012) 2 (1)
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Featured Master’s Thesis

Saba Sulaiman
Reading Parsipur Through the Eyes of Hedayat’s Blind Owl: Tracing the Origins of Magical Realism in Modern Persian Prose
Lights (Fall 2012) 2 (1): 1-31
Full Text (PDF)

Main Content

Kateland Haas
Branding a Country and Constructing an Alternative Modernity with Muslim Women: A Content Analysis of the United Arab Emirates
Lights (Fall 2012) 2 (1): 33-65
Full Text (PDF)

Nathan Hardy
Mystery and Memory: St. Mark, Alexandrian Christianity, and the Evidence Shrouded in Mystery
Lights (Fall 2012) 2 (1): 66-89
Full Text (PDF)

Michael Nance
The Roots of Combative Zionism: Israeli Militarism in the Works
Lights (Fall 2012) 2 (1): 91-104
Full Text (PDF)

Andrew J. O’Connor
Refuting al-Ghazālī’s ‘Poison’: Ibn Rushd’s Doctrine of ‘Exclusive Instruction’ in his Tahāfut al-Tahāfut
Lights (Fall 2012) 2 (1): 105-114
Full Text (PDF)

Mohammad Sagha
Political Economy of Ingenuity: A Case Study of Turkey’s Justice and Development Party
Lights (Fall 2012) 2 (1): 115-125
Full Text (PDF)


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