Volume I, Issue 3 – Spring 2012

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Title, Table of Contents, Biographies
Lights (Spring 2012) 1 (3)
Full Text (PDF)

Featured Master’s Thesis

Robert Loomis
Jewish Identity in Salonica at the Turn of the Twentieth Century
Lights (Spring 2012) 1 (3): 3-26
Full Text (PDF)

Main Content

Naji Bsisu
Israeli Domestic Politics and the War in Lebanon
Lights (Spring 2012) 1 (3): 29-38
Full Text (PDF)

Andrew J. O’Connor
The Popular Psyche and Representations of the ‘Religious Other’ in Medieval Sīras
Lights (Spring 2012) 1 (3): 39-47
Full Text (PDF)

John Savage
Locke in Arabia: Arabian Tribal Practice through the Lens of Western Democratic Philosophy
Lights (Spring 2012) 1 (3): 48-55
Full Text (PDF)

Emily Martha Silkaitis
Modern Takes on Motivations Behind the Zanj Rebellion
Lights (Spring 2012) 1 (3): 56-63
Full Text (PDF)

Vanessa Voss
Ganymede and Ghulam: Eros and the Quest for the Divine in the Classical Greek and Perso-Arabic Worlds
Lights (Spring 2012) 1 (3): 64-76
Full Text (PDF)


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