Volume I, Issue 2 – Winter 2012

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Title, Table of Contents, Biographies
Lights (Winter 2012) 1 (2)
Full Text (PDF)

Featured Master’s Thesis

Katherine Bertash
From Natasha to Rebecca: Shifting Narratives of Sex Trafficking and Prostitution in Israel
Lights (Winter 2012) 1 (2): 2-29
Full Text (PDF)

Main Content

Oğuz Alyanak
Facing the Ghosts of the “Statue of Humanity”
Lights (Winter 2012) 1 (2): 33-45
Full Text (PDF)

Andrew Boyd
Religion, Weaponized: Islam in the Algerian Resistance, 1830-1962
Lights (Winter 2012) 1 (2): 46-52
Full Text (PDF)

Leopold Eisenlohr
Translation of Abu-l-Qāsim Maḥmūd ibn ʻUmar al-Zamakhsharī’s Qaṣīda sīniyya
Lights (Winter 2012) 1 (2): 53-63
Full Text (PDF)

Anna Langer
Jewish and Israeli? On the Representative Function of Jewishness at Habima, the National Theater of Israel
Lights (Winter 2012) 1 (2): 64-73
Full Text (PDF)

John Macdonald
Literature Review: Saladin and the Historians
Lights (Winter 2012) 1 (2): 74-79
Full Text (PDF)

Maryam N Sabbaghi
Introducing the Mystical Poems of Shaykh Bahā’ī
Lights (Winter 2012) 1 (2): 80-87
Full Text (PDF)

August Samie and Leopold Eisenlohr
Uzbek in Translation: Hamid Olimjon’s “When Apricots Blossom”
Lights (Winter 2012) 1 (2): 88-90
Full Text (PDF)

Rui Zheng
Review of All the Shah’s Men: An American Coup and the Roots of Middle East Terror
Lights (Winter 2012) 1 (2): 91-93
Full Text (PDF)

Matthew Gillman
Artist’s Statement: Untitled (Sultanahmet)
Lights (Winter 2012) 1 (2): 94-95
Full Text (PDF)


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