Volume I, Issue 1 – Fall 2011

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Title, Table of Contents, Biographies
Lights (Autumn 2011) 1 (1)
Full Text (PDF)

Featured Master’s Thesis

Robert E Green
The ABC’s of Privatization: A Case Study of Al-Ahram Beverages Company in Egypt
Lights (Autumn 2011) 1 (1): 1-49
Full Text (PDF)

Main Content

Andrew Alger
Journalistic Education: Iraqi Socialists Report on India
Lights (Autumn 2011) 1 (1): 52-60
Full Text (PDF)

Gwendolyn Collaco
The Ottoman Coffeehouse: All the Charms and Dangers of Commonality in the 16th-17th Centuries
Lights (Autumn 2011) 1 (1): 61-71
Full Text (PDF)

Matthew E Gillman
We are told (what is) the Best of Stories: Unraveling the Metanarrative of Moral Choice through Surat Yūsuf
Lights (Autumn 2011) 1 (1): 72-80
Full Text (PDF)

August N Samie
Rationalizing a Second Genocide: The Iranian Regime’s Revisioning of the Holocaust
Lights (Autumn 2011) 1 (1): 81-92
Full Text (PDF)

Sami J Sweis
Re-Examining the Procopian Prejudice against the Ghassanids
Lights (Autumn 2011) 1 (1): 93-100
Full Text (PDF)


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